Terms of Use

Last Revised February 16, 2026

These terms were revised to update the corporate owner name to JohnsonServices and Companies, LLC. No other changes were made to the terms noted below.

Wherever used, the terms “We” or “Us” refers to JohnsonServices and Companies, LLC and/or ATGroup.com “Our software” refers to InBLISS®, OneList®, the InBLISS® Buyer Management System™, and their related modules, as well as association-branded systems relying on any of these applications, which have been developed by JohnsonServices and Companies, LLC.

InBLISS® and OneList® are registered service marks of Johnson Services.com, LLC.
InBLISS is copyrighted by JohnsonServices and Companies, LLC © 2010-2024.
OneList is copyrighted by JohnsonServices and Companies, LLC © 2010-2024.

This web site and related system is a marketplace exclusively designed for professional agents and brokers to list businesses for sale and for potential buyers to review and interact with those professionals. The listings and information contained in this system have been provided by the agents and brokers that use the system. We have not and will not verify any of the information contained within and assume no responsibility for its accuracy or completeness.

All attempts to log in, both successful and unsuccessful, are recorded for security audit purposes.

Each person assigned an account with a login name and password is solely responsible for all actions taken under that account. Any action taken while logged in under your account, whether done by you or by another person, will be recorded as an action you have taken personally. Your documentation staff does not need to use your login information to use the system. A staff person can be assigned an “office administrator” account that will allow him or her to maintain listings for everyone in your office without the need for you to reveal your own account information to that staff person. This staff person does not need to be a member of your association or organization and will not be included in the billable personnel for your office if he or she is not a member.

If you feel your account information has been compromised, we urge you to change your login and/or password information immediately. Also, inform us as soon as you first become aware of the account becoming compromised to mitigate any damages that may occur.

Service and support charges will be applicable if for software not developed by us or if the cause is due to such software interfering with our software, if the hardware and software used for access to our software does not meet our minimum technical requirements, or if the answer is covered in the instructions available in the manual, help files, or support pages.

Please refer to your membership or franchise documents for your association's policies (listing and personal information entered by a member is owned exclusively by the member or listing office or as stated in your organization's documents).

The information collected on this site is owned by (a) licensees of Johnson Services.com, LLC (licensees) or (b) the members, franchisees or customers of the licensees, either as individuals or as offices (members), or (c) Johnson Services.com, LLC ("Johnson Services"). Your use of this system is governed by policies instituted by us and by your association. By continuing, you are confirming that you will abide by these policies and respect your fellow users’ information.

In most cases, especially if your association or organization provides a co-brokering environment, you must not include any personal contact information within any of the data entry fields for your listings as doing so defeats the benefits gained from the MLS process. We reserve the right to remove any such directly entered contact information from your listing if we become aware of such a violation.

Your personal and office profiles are important to the proper functioning of the MLS system. As such you are required to maintain this information to ensure it is up to date and accurate. An e-mail address is required of everyone who uses the system or who will be listed as the contact agent or broker on a listing. This e-mail must be valid. If you do not have an e-mail address, many free services are available.

Our software, which is used to collect and display information on this site, is owned by JohnsonServices and Companies, LLC and the function and features are confidential to JohnsonServices and Companies, LLC  and (a) (licensees) or (b) the members, franchisees or customers of the licensees, either as individuals or as offices (members), or (c) JohnsonServices and Companies, LLC ("Johnson Services").

At no time will you discuss the features of our software with any competing providers or non-members or attempt to disassemble or reverse engineer our software for any purpose whatsoever.

Anyone found violating these terms of use will lose his/her access privileges.

By logging into this system you agree to these terms. If you do not agree, do not log in.

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