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Getting Started Checklist

Before You Login

Before you can login your Office Administrator or Association's Administrator must:

  • Set-Up Your Agent/Member Profile.

    This profile will include your Login ID and Agent/Member Number and Password. It is recommended that your Login ID and Member Number are the same.

  • Enter Your Company & Office Contact Information

    The information contained in this profile is use to control how listing contact information is displayed.

    Information contained in the Office file includes how office personnel can display their contact information on listings and many public websites.

  • Agents Enter Personal Bio, Phone Number, & Home Address

    The home address information is not available to he public.

  • Office Administrator Enters Company Bio

    The company bio displays on many public websites.

  • Your system MUST comply the Industry standards for operating system and Browser
  • You MUST agree with the terms of use for your organization.

Before You Can Add Listings
  • You must be a member in good standing and you must have a Login ID and Agent/Member Number and Password.

    The display of Active Listings are controlled by options in Member Profile by your Office or Association Administrator. The option are Enter and Submit or Enter Only. If your profile is marked Enter Onlyy then you can only save the listing as ON Hold and your Office Administrator will have to make them active.

Information and Display of Listings

The information contain in listings and the way and to who this information is displayed to others is controlled by your Association rules, the version of the system ( Full or Basic ) and the Service Level you chose to participate in.

The Additional Information Buttons will provide a compersion to these features and sample screen shots and report formats in PDF format.

Additional Info